High performance,
Personalized and effortless messages

The intelligent assistant who writes your professional messages

A new Artificial Intelligence, available and accessible to all


Communicate effectively with your prospects


Keep in touch with the best talents


Leverage an assistant to help your resellers to overachieve and make sure your value proposition is well spread


Improve your efficiency in your freelance contract or job search

Socially relevant, tailor-made content

The software developed by AiZimov takes care of collecting all public information available on the internet to write the most accurate emails for your targets. Social media is its primary source of information and so are newspapers and financial transcripts.

Ad hoc writing style

Our artificial intelligence takes people’s psychological profile into account, according to their use of social media. It enables AiZimov to put forward messages designed to fit people’s personality down to its tone of voice.

Timely messages

AiZimov analyses behaviors to identify the best touchpoint to engage the conversation. Our intelligent assistant is then able to recommend writing an email, a LinkedIn message or a tweet and acts based on your final choice.

This assistant brings full satisfaction. In less than three months, I received up to 25% of positive return and closed more than 10% with zero prospecting effort. It’s a real game changer.

Vincent, from Renault

It became a strong selling weapon for us. It integrates all public data to produce excellent core value messages. In addition, the writing style is so cool, it makes it human-like.

Clothilde, from Grey

All you have to put in are four things; first name, last name, email, and company. With that information the tool crawls the internet for every mention of the person and their organization, and crafts a message tailored to them. That could include references to their latest position paper, their company’s latest press release, their personal social network feed, or the hobbies listed on their public profile.

Jared, from FastCompany



19,99 /mo
  • 30 prospects
  • 1 email account
  • Follow-up system


99 /mo
  • Minimum 10 users
  • Coaching
  • Support
  • Follow-up system


- /mo
  • Price on Demand
  • Coaching
  • Support
  • Ad hoc reports
  • Integration CRM
  • Integration SMTP
  • Follow-up system